Increase of customers

Customers will increase , if a customer finds you easily

You need:
1. To be presented in a more popular information (search engine) system
2. To provide a possibility to be found by all information
3. To take a high position in the search result

With the help of "To Higher Position" service you:
  • will be trilingually fully presented in 6 directories of "Spyur" which has 35 000 users daily
  • will become available to customers if they search by all information
  • will take the required high position in the search result
  • will become more available to customers in Google, Yandex and other search engines as well

Increase of buyers

Buyers will increase, if a customer chooses your company

It is necessary that:
after finding you your customer (potential buyer) see your advantages and deals.:

With the help of the service "To Higher Position"
All your advantages, that your competitors do not have, will be presented to customers in details in the information about you - through the following sections:
  • "Advantages"
  • "Activity description"
  • "Types of activity"
  • "Products/services"
  • "Products/services sub-types"
  • "Trademarks/brands"
  • "Photo sets"
  • "Video sets"


By ordering "To Higher Position" service the company becomes "Spyur's" "Privileged subscriber" and obtains a lot of privileges – relative to "Free subscriber":
  • presentation of logo in the search result and on the company webpage
  • presentation of activity by 2 classifiers
  • company webpage address short version (www.spyur.am/[name])
  • absence of competitors on the company webpage
  • priority service in "Spyur's" call center
  • possibility to online vie call statistics through "Personal Area"
  • receipt of annual individual statistics (requests in the call center, views on Spyur.am and mobile directory, emails from Spyur.am)
  • information verification once in 6 months
  • receipt of tender announcements distributed by "Spyur"
  • statistical research of a selected market sector


The price of "To Higher Position" service depends on the selected package and additional services.
The minimum price is 3000 drams a month.

In case of questions please contact "Spyur's" service department at +374-60-619999 phone number
or service@spyur.am email address.

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